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Anime dickgirl sat back in one the rather stiff library chairs and yawned. He’d been at the library nearly five hours, all of it spent sitting at one of the many internet-enabled computers the library provided for patrons. Despite the annoying teenager browsing a Myspace page next to him, playing the same damnable rap song over…and over…and over, the day had been productive so far. Dickgirl anime had finally managed to post the newest chapters in his stories on futanaripalace, browsed the forums, and generally just killed time waiting for the next part of Schoolmates to finish downloading. The “Sonic Advice” YTMNDs could only hold his attention for so long, however, so he decided to check out the requests board. There wasn’t much new, except one thread by a relatively new member, wanting to know the English name of a particular manga. Aaron quickly scrolled down to the first message and the example picture provided. “Yui Toshiki. My Two Wings.” he said absentmindedly, thanks to a near photographic memory. Only one reply had been made, and Aaron scrolled back up to read it.

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“It’s Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, or “My Two Wings” in English. It’s a little on the softcore side, more so than Yui’s other works, but still very good. The art’s done by Yui Toshiki, the same guy that did the Magic series and Plat du Jour. I see you have a pic from the original. Not to worry, the series is being translated, by a group called DummySub. I believe they have about 24 chapters done so far, so if you like it, you’ve got a lot to read Here’s a link:”

Aaron started to back out of the thread, before he took a look at the name of the poster who replied: DBRadarAshley. Aaron froze. There’s just no way, he thought to himself. It’s not possible. That can’t be Ashley.

Shemale Hentai was one of Anime dickgirls best friends, not to mention his only female friend. She was a big fan of Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho, and had an entire wall of her room devoted to the various DB, DBZ and DBGT sagas on DVD. Aaron could always make her laugh by doing his DBZ announcer impression, or joking about the “staring contests” the characters would have before big fights. As cute as she was, Ashley was a definite tomboy, and Aaron had long ago realized that that was probably why he was comfortable talking to her. Ashley was also quite a writer, with her own long-running DBZ fanfiction series “Not Alone”. It was this story, which Ashley often encouraged Aaron to read out loud on paper and on its webpage while she listened, that first inspired him to start writing his own stories. Aaron was startled out of his memories by a bleeping sound coming from his earphones. He flipped through all his open windows, and saw that the section of Schoolmates had finished downloading, and not a moment too soon; one of the library’s pages called out over the intercom that the library would be closing in five minutes. Aaron cursed himself for not arriving sooner, and resolved to find more about this mysterious poster the following day.

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Once he was back home, Aaron started organizing the stuff he had found, but the mysterious poster almost completely occupied his mind. It’s a coincidence. he thought to himself, sheer coincidence. Dragonball’s a pretty popular show, and somebody just took the name of one of the shows items. Simple. At most, Aaron thought to himself, this person read Ash’s story and took her name. Not that hard to believe. Certainly less hard to swallow than the Ashley he knew liking futa. That was about as likely as a sheep being nominated to the Supreme Court. Less likely, in fact. Aaron fixed dinner, and sat down for a quick game of Odin Sphere, his mind off of the poster, if only for a little while.

The next day, a Sunday, Aaron awoke bright and early and headed off to the library. Once there, he queued up his downloads and began searching futanaripalace for more information on this DBRadarAshley. He clicked on the stats page for that user, and got a shock: This person had been a member for over a year, and had made over 800 posts. Holy crap, Aaron thought to himself, 857 posts and I’ve never seen a single one of ’em until yesterday. Not yet satisfied, Aaron decided to look for more. He started his search, appropriately enough, in the “Hi, my name’s” board; something he had never posted on, having been a lurker for the first five of his seven months of membership. Aaron had to go back many, many pages, but he eventually found one by DBRAshley. Halfway through reading it it, a snarl began to form on his face.

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“Hi, my name’s Ashley! I’ve been into futa for a while now, and I’m new here, so I guess I’ll say a little about myself. First off, I *am* a girl, believe me or don’t ;P. I’m a big Dragonball fan (as if my name didn’t give that away) and I’ve even done my own DB fanfic series, called ‘Not Alone’.”

“You lying son of a bitch” anime dickgirl said quietly. He was right; this guy had taken Ash’s name. He wasn’t even content with that; he was claiming “Not Alone” as his own. Aaron hadn’t seen this guy in the Stories section yet, that much he was sure of. If he did, however, and if he tried to pass Ash’s work off as his own, he’d be in for a big surprise. Aaron was hardly in the mood to look up more of this bastard’s posts, but the worst of it was, how was he to explain this to Ash? Was he just supposed to say “Oh hey Ashley, there’s some guy posing as you on a site that has pictures of anime girls with penises.” That wasn’t the kind of conversation Aaron wanted to have, especially not with Ashley. At random, Aaron decided to go to the Discussion board. Lo and behold, one of the newest posts was by DBRadarAshley, titled “Warming Up To Futa”. Aaron clicked on it, and noted that he was online. Aaron had half a mind to PM him, but he decided to read the post instead.

“Hey guys, it’s Ashley. Here’s a question for you: Have any of you tried to warm up someone to the idea of futa? You know, leave an image on their hard drive, innocently drop something in conversation. I ask because I have a friend named Aaron. Apparently back in high school, he was into yuri. James and Brian, his friends, found out and they still razz him for it. They don’t do it in a mean way, however, and he just shrugs it off, usually with a comeback about how they always shows him nasty porn to gross him out. I still feel a little bad about it, though, considering I’m into something most would consider a bit more bizzare than yuri…”

There was more to the post, but Aaron was hardly in a state to read. He had gone from being furious, to a feeling he couldn’t describe. It was no longer coincidence, it was the truth; Ashley, the Ashley he knew, was a fellow futa lover. It was like he had been kicked in the gut, yet he was somehow lightheaded and giddy. He started to giggle, in spite of himself. He wondered what he should do. If she’s set on coming clean with me about the fact she likes futa, he thought, maybe I can too. He wondered what kind of futa Ashley might like, and started to giggle again. He browsed the forums some more, waited for his downloads to finish, and then went home. Even after he got home, Aaron still couldn’t get the smug grin off his face. Having a female friend that liked futa could certainly have its perks, he thought to himself; I’ll finally have someone to proofread my stuff. Not to mention having a girl read his stuff meant he could make his descriptions of the female orgasm more believable, something he felt was always a weak point in his stories. Aaron spent the next few hours working on the second chapter of Phys Ed, washed his work uniform, and then went to bed.

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