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“Rise and shine!”
The man who spoke threw open the curtains.
“Mmm…” futanari dickgirl pulled the blankets up over her head.
“I said, wake up,” the man said. When he didn’t get a response, he took hold of her ankle and started to pull. “Up you get now!”
Knowing she wasn’t wearing anything, Shiela quickly decided to comply. “All right, I’m up! I’m up!” Feeling him let go of her ankle, she turned over onto her back, uncovering her smiling face. “Good morning, Grandpa.”
“Ah, there you are, Shiela! Good morning,” Shiela’s grandfather grinned. “I have some business to take care of outside of the village, so I won’t be back for about a week. I’ve put a large cauldron of stew on to cook for you, so don’t forget to mind it. I’ll see you when I return. Goodbye Shiela.”
“’Bye Grandpa!”
She waited for her grandfather to close the door before rising to her knees, turning to the window as she reached for her hairbrush.
This anime dickgirl was sixteen years old and little over five feet in height, with light creamy skin (though she had a few freckles on her face). Her grandpa had been taking care of her ever since her parents had died when she was about four or five. At least she had been able to take her baths by herself – it had helped her keep her secret from being discovered by her grandpa – the secret that she was a hermaphrodite.
She kneeled by the window, brushing her strawberry-blonde hair while she watched the birds flit about in the trees beyond.
Living with her grandfather wasn’t bad. She’d learned a lot, like how to cook various dishes (mostly stews), how to clean and mend things. But after doing most of this for several years, she’d started to tire of doing these mundane tasks.

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Such as it was that when she was almost thirteen, she managed to convince one of the blacksmiths in the village how to swordfight. Of course, she knew that she couldn’t let her grandpa know that she was practicing how to use a sword, but he got suspicious when she’d sometimes come home covered in soot, and so it was that he found out.
Much to her surprise, however, he allowed her to keep training and even encouraged her to keep improving.
Presently, she put her hairbrush down and stretched, looking down at her crotch. Her milk-chocolate length was mostly soft, her morning wood having mostly worn off while she was reminiscing about the past, but she was getting hot as it started stiffening again under her gaze.

Anime dickgirl stopped stretching and smiled, then started stroking her member, which twitched from the added stimulation as it hardened further.
She got off her bed, slowly pumping her cock as she walked to the fireplace, where she lifted the large cauldron off the hook it used to stay suspended over the flames, carefully placing it onto the hearthstones in front of the fire. Shiela had placed some hooks in the ceiling directly above this spot, for the specific purpose of ‘seasoning’ the soup, stew, or whatever else happened to be in the cauldron at the time.
Shiela put the pothook beside the hearth and walked to the woodpile to the left of the fireplace, her member bobbing and swaying as she moved, taking an old wooden ladder and placing it next to the cauldron of stew. She then went to her bed and lifted up the mattress, taking a harness made with ropes and soft leather from beneath it, then climbed the ladder and fastened loops of rope over the hooks above the cauldron of still-bubbling stew.
Stepping off the ladder, Shiela made her way to several mostly-filled barrels that stood in a corner to the right of the fireplace, containing a variety of vegetables and fruits. She bent over a barrel that was in her way and reached into the one farthest in the corner, pulling out a long, fat ear of corn. Shiela slid it between her legs and rubbed it against her folds, lubricating the corn as well as she could with her juices, which were beginning to drip down her legs. She shivered a little from the bumps of the kernels as they glided over her most sensitive parts.
When the ear was slick enough, Shiela clambered into the harness. She was now suspended facedown in a kneeling position, facing the fireplace. Her thighs were spread wide, with the rim of the cauldron just below her penis, which was rock hard and dripping with a mixture of pre and condensation from the steam rising up from the cauldron, throbbing in time with her heartbeats. Shiela was covered in leather from her stomach to her neck, excluding her breasts and arms, with a narrow strip passing between her two mounds.

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Panting a little in anticipation, she wrapped her right hand around her cock and began squeezing and pumping it in long, quick motions, while her other hand strayed a little further between her legs, thrusting the corn she’d taken in and out of her pussy, matching the pace of her other hand’s ministrations.

Shiela rubbed her hand all over her penis, getting as much of it as slick as she could with her precum, moaning each time her palm slid over the tip, speeding up her other hand’s thrusts.

Her right hand was a blur as she started pumping her member again, breathing hard, close to orgasm in both parts. She began twisting the corn as it moved in and out of her pussy, pushing it as deep into her wetness as she could, letting her slick thumb glide over her clit, moaning as it elicited even more sparks of pleasure.

Shiela cried out as she felt herself tumble over the edge. Her penis jerked in her hand as jet after jet of thick cum spurted from it, splashing into the cauldron of stew below her, and her pussy tensed and gushed around the cob, her juices splattering noisily on the floor.

She brought the ear of corn to her mouth and licked it clean, along with her fingers, basking in the afterglow of her climax.

Unfortunately, a sudden knocking at the door jolted her out of her enjoyment.

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