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Futa girl as a sexy slave

As this dickgirl anime turned down the crumbling stone stairway leading into the dungeons, the Mistress untied her cloak, revealing her sheer black bodice as she fished an ornate key from between her cleavage.

The thick wooden door ahead had a single metal lock in the centre and as the Mistress turned her key the heavy bars slid back from the frame with a loud grinding noise, the rust dropping away in a storm as she pushed the barrier open, forcing it into the chamber as the occupant looked up warily from her shackles.

A single light well shone down in the centre of the dirty, dark prison cell. The young anime dick girl peered up from her place chained to the floor beneath the light. Her butt was held high in the air by a large box, connected to her at the crotch, while her neck was braced against the floor, stretching her back and leaving her helpless as the cold, dirty water dropped down on her from above.

“Hello sister,” The Mistress snidely remarked, “I’ve come to play for a while.” The woman started to whimper, know what to expect from her sibling, having been forced to perform for her so many times before.

Kneeling beside her relative, the Mistress unlocked the bracket holding the woman’s head close to the floor, letting her lift herself out of the dirt and propping herself up on all fours. Pulling her cloak open, the Mistress slowly unfastened her bodice, pulling it aside to reveal her pale breasts with their darkened nipples already standing erect as she worked her way further down.

Pulling the crotch piece away, the Mistress freed her cock from between her legs, pressing the mighty shaft against her sister’s lips as the unwilling girl opened her mouth in surrender, accepting it with resignation as the Mistress grabbed her head with both hands, forcing it into her throat with one forceful thrust.

The woman moaned out in pain as she was so violently invaded, but her sister pulled out quickly, slapping her cock across the woman’s face as she moved away to the back of the cell. The woman leaned around, following her sister’s movements with her eyes, knowing what was coming next and shivering in anticipatory fear.

The beast growled deeply as the Mistress approached, but as she cooed gently to it the animal calmed down, recognising its Mistress’s scent from the moistened prick between her legs. Sniffing at her, the large dog-like creature lapped its tongue over her cockhead, tasting her precum as his own genitals swelled.

Leading the horny beast forwards, the Mistress positioned it behind her sister, letting the animal jump up onto her back. Reaching under his furry belly, the Mistress moved the swollen head over her sister’s tight buttocks, smearing the dog’s leaking juices onto the woman’s arsehole, lubing it up for the next step.

As soon as she felt it was ready, the Mistress let go of the beast’s leash, letting the animal drive itself deep into her sister’s bowels as the woman threw her head back, screaming loudly at the pain of the huge shaft pumping deep into her.

Moving around her, the Mistress grabbed a handful of her sister’s hair, holding her head back as she leaned down next to her, whispering her ear. “You love it, don’t you sister? Feeling the beast’s cock inside your arse? Letting the animal use you as his mate? Doesn’t it just make you want to beg for more?”

The woman screwed her eyes closed, trying to deny the pleasure flowing through her at the feelings the beast was making her experience at the sister’s bidding, but her mouth still hung open, her cries becoming more sordid as the pleasure grew.

Standing in front of her, the Mistress gripped the woman’s hair with both hands, holding her cock just out of reach as the woman reached out with her tongue, suddenly eager to taste her sister’s salty goodness. Not disappointing the Mistress slid her shaft slowly into her sister’s mouth, letting the woman’s tongue stroke the tight skin as she sucked her Mistress deeper into her throat, this time leaning her head back and stretching out her neck to let her sister fuck the throat all the easier as the hairy animal’s paws dug into her heaving breasts.

The beast was getting close now and as his tongue lolled out of his jaws his drool dripped down onto the woman’s neck, the warm wetness dribbling down as the animal pumped faster into her guts, his thrusts forcing her forwards against her sister’s prick, driving it deeper into her throat as she gagged and moaned and the dog spurted it’s cum into her butt.

Pulling her straining cock out of her sister’s mouth , the Mistress led the beast back to its cage before stripping, laying her clothes on a nearby bench and reaching down and unlocking the box between her sister’s legs.

“My turn.” She said eagerly as her sister stood up in front of her and she kneeled down, placing her swollen cock inside the wooden box, letting her sister fasten her in place before she dressed herself in the black bodice and cloak.

Smiling darkly, the woman looked back at her ‘Mistress’ as she slammed the door shut, locking it tightly once again.

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