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Fura girl at this dirty sex story

“Pup! *Fweet*, here girl.”

The one who issued the summons grumbled at the state of shemale hentai girl wardrobe. Scattered about the huge bedroom and draped across all the expensive furniture. “Oh where is that girl, I have absolutely Nothing to wear.”

The owner of that voice huffed and blew a pink forelock out of her eyes. Futa girl was a unicorn, a moderately petite one at that as far as her kind went. She wasn’t bad on the eyes either. Her eyes were a few shades darker than her powder-blue coat, now naked to the world as she picked through her over-priced clothes. She shimmied her nicely curved hips into the long skirts she finally decided she would wear that evening, cinching it around her taut waist. Finally trying to get into her upper garments as well, a trying task to be sure.

Her chest was the one region of her sexy body that was anything But petite. Her monumental mammaries swelled out in utter defiance of gravity and a host of other physical laws. Had she been laying down on the floor they may have been mistaken for crudely-decorated bean-bag chairs, yet they stood-out proud and pert as any nubile youth’s A-cups.

“Pssh, where is that.. PUP!!”

“Here Mistress,” Called the long tall puppy for whom the unicorn had been calling. She was a small sight taller than the equine, and a bit more of a hard-body. Though anime dickgirl was nowhere near as ample as her mistress she was nothing to scoff at by any degree of the imagination, the bulge in the lower portions of her skimpy maid’s outfit however suggested she was that ample overall just in different areas.

“Ahh, there you are,” Mistress Leslie sniffed with imperious disdain, holding her bodice on with the strings from her corset. She held them out behind her and turned her back to the bouncy brown Pup, “Be a good girl and tighten this.”

Pup’s breath caught in her throat, as it often did when she saw her lady in such a state of undress. Something stirred under her obscenely short skirt while she stared at the naked swells of the unicorn’s breast’s still so obvious even with the unicorn herself between them and their viewer.

“Hurry Up!” Leslie demanded, snapping Pup out of her reverie.


Pup took the laces in her hands and shivered at the scene, watching the outrageous swells of Lady Leslie’s bust rise higher and higher over her shoulder as the puppy pulled. Each inch the bosoms rose an inch of thick red doggy-cock dropped below the hem of Pup’s skirts.

Leslie stamped a cloven hoof with impatience, “Dammit Pup, brace it and Pull! You have to get this thing Tight!”

Pup gulped, looking down at the ecsquisite curves of her mistress, down to the shapely rump she would have to push against to properly tighten the corset. She was about to raise her foot to push against it when her eyes went wide, seeing the length of her half-horse/half-dog penis rising under the hem of her mistress’s skirts higher and higher with every beat of her heart.

Pup turned her attention from her rising erection to her impatient mistress and back. Hoping for the best she let her glands do the thinking and braced herself against the imperious unicorn, with her phallus.

Leslie’s ears perked as she felt something push against her bare flesh, then shrugged it off. She assumed maybe in her rush to please Pup had accidentally sent her foot up and under the skirts instead of over them. Leslie shouldered the indignity as the price of desiring air sweeping across her delicate regions rather than stuffy old cotton, then she noticed a further oddity. The ‘foot’ braced against her bottom, was leaking?

Pup groaned softly as she pulled and tugged, pushing futa girl hips out against the lushly and lustily built lady. Her rod threatened to glance off the rounded rumpus it had been pressed against and Pup shifted to prevent this. The already copious leaking from her tip sent the horselike glans skidding off under her mistress’s tail!

They both gasped in shock and surprise as the full blunt tip pressed ardently against Leslie’s anus, tucked tightly under her tail. Pup trembled, Leslie panted. The unicorn Knew Pup was built ‘differently’, but it hadn’t yet occurred to her that the puppy might use her instrument in such a way. She rolled her hips slightly, smiling at the soft canine moan and finding she liked the erotic sensations coming from under her tail. “Please Pup, continue.”

Pup was beside herself, It was like a dream come true. She smiled and wound the strings tighter around her hands and began to pull again. Her shaft throbbing almost painfully with excitement as it spit and spattered the unicorn’s anus with slick puppy-pre. Her mistress groaned to as she felt the tip pressing urgently against her back-door, her thick teats starting to leak from the pressure of the corset.

Pup wasn’t in heaven, but she was definitely on the outskirts. So close she thought, so close. She could feel the tight sphincter begin to relax around her swollen tip. She bit-back a growl of frustration as her flare prematurely exploded in size, swelling against her lady’s buttocks and far to broad now to easily access the back-gate. Leslie sighed luxuriously and clenched her rump, squeezing the engorged flare and teasing it.

The frisky puppy gritted her teeth, ready to re-double her efforts. She pulled back on the strings with surprising strength just as she pushed her hips forward. Her knot to was swelling beyond all rational proportions at the erotic onslaught her sensitive tip had thus endured.

The mare squealed as fountains of milk suddenly erupted from her still exposed nipples, her breasts smished up into her chin by the ardent work of her new playmate. Her eyes grew wide and her squeal gained several more decibels and was soon joined by a canine howl of ecstasy as Pup’s over-engorged flare suddenly popped into Leslie’s tight and willing rear.

Pup pulled and pushed at the same time while her shaft slid up Leslie’s gut, jumping with each gush of fluid boiling up from the puppy’s jewels. The frisky doggy had enough presence of mind to tie-off the equisitly tight corset just before letting out a triumphant “Yip! Yeowwwwwwwwwllll…!!” as her spasming rod exploded and…

Leslie’s squeals turned quickly into gurgles as potent semen rushed up through Pup’s organ and through her body. Her cheeks became instantly swollen until she couldn’t hold back and suddenly she gushed sperm from her lips. Pup’s seed fired up through her mistress and lover in powerful blasts that rocketed from the unicorn’s muzzle and painted the windows white.

The happy canine rolled her hips, grinding her hard knot against Leslie’s ripe rear but denied entry by the tightness cinching the unicorn’s waist. She whimpered happily as she spent herself totally, the length of her organ almost pumping it straight out of Leslie’s muzzle. She reached around to fondle the now sperm-coated breasts of her new lover, pressing her own into the unicorn’s back as she finished, “Mmmm, Well… at least one thing got tied.”

Leslie sputtered and giggled, her lips dripping with rich canine semen, “Indeed..” She licked her lips, savoring the flavor when she noticed the state of her clothes. “Oh pooh, I guess we’ll have to do this all over again.”

Pup wagged and panted excitedly, slipping her long and still raging hard phallus slowly free. The puppy’s fingers flew up and down the slick shaft already spitting and flinging pre-seed in preparation for the next load, “Oooh, I can’t wait.”

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