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Before anyone judges us, please let me explain. Pretty Please! My dickgirl anime sister and I were pretty much abandoned at age ten and twelve. Our shemale hentai parents just one day never came back. The note said they would be gone for a while, but neither Ray nor me thought like forever.

We got the message as the mail piled up, the water and lights turned off and we shit in an ever filling and smelling toilet.

Before all this our lives were great. Anime dickgirl, being older, would play with me when his friends were unavailable. We did all sorts of fun things, but once in awhile we’d play ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’.

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At first, it was fun for me. I mean, my brother loved me and all and this was a great way to feel loved. So we’d show our stuff with Ray holding our cocks together and measuring them. He always was bigger, though I thought at the time that I could catch up someday.

Well, catch up I did on that faithful night that I sprang a boner so huge, so hard and so strong that I ripped through my worn jeans. We were watching the ten o’clock news and this stunning woman newscaster came on named Delia Devine, giving some report about dogs that needed adopting. I remember clearly she had on a tight blue t shirt which outlined her big titties perfectly and jeans that had to have been sprayed on. Damn, she was fine. Even DEVINE! Sorry.

RIIIIIPPPP! Both my parents and even Ray jumped and looked over. My cock jutted up and swayed above my head. It wasn’t my fault. Really. Mom gasped. Dad shrieked and Ray groaned at the sight of what seemed a four foot cock. It wasn’t really four feet. But two feet plus would be accurate.

That next morning Mom and Dad bugged out, as Ray called it. I felt guilty ever since that night. And I’m also pissed ‘cause Ray has a pretty big dick too, though not as big as mine. Okay, maybe just a bit more than a third of my dick, but for a guy, he’s majorly hung. Later he told me he was twice as big as our father. Some day I have to ask him how he knew that.

After leaving the darkened and ruined house, we drifted about the streets. Hell, we worked the street. Within a few months and walking countless miles, we met up with this seemingly nice guy who soon enough had us fucking for money. Ray got much more money fucking than I did. Hell, he practically fed me while I kept getting nerdy jerks and dinky cocked assholes who saw me as a tight little virgin to ruin while my sprouting dick made them run, shrieking like little girls. I got beat a few times by Kevin, our pimp, but once he caught sight of my cock all hard and veiny towering over his and my head, he pretty much left me alone. Though, he still was taller than Ray and forced him into making up the difference. It was over a year before things changed.

Ray was growing up now, so I felt that if little skinny, drugged out Kevin tried anything on me again, my strong brother would probably beat the shit out of him.

But right now, we needed food and shelter, which our fucking provided. It seemed there was a plethora of unsatisfied women of all races and sizes that just loved Ray’s big ten inch cock. I wasn’t a virgin any more, in either department for I did get an overweight woman who seemed to be, what Kevin laughingly called, a size queen. She had Ray several times but when he mentioned me, she practically fucked him raw as she said she’d pay double for me. So the following week she made the normal deal with Kevin, but I got the extra as a tip. She only took about thirteen inches but she loved every thrust. And I got a nice blow job in her car after, though her cleaning bill was going to be costly. My pussy had been busted by a multitude of guys with small weenies thinking they had the largest dicks on earth. Because Kevin beat into me to keep my dick hidden, usually I had the guy pull my jeans off my small ass and fuck me doggie to keep my monster hidden down one of the legs. Anyone doing a reach around got a slap. “Just fuck me with your big cock, mister,” I’d say, trying to sound sexy and young. That got their motor running and soon (too soon if you ask me!) got the guy to blow his meager load into my box. This is a secret but I’ll tell you. I pulled my big balls up and over my cock so that the customers, in the dark usually, couldn’t see the skin of my sizeable sack wrapped about my third leg.

I came in on a particularly dry night as Ray was showering off the skank pussy from his body in the shitty motel room we had. I tried to keep it clean though with serious chemicals I’d buy and my eager scrubbing efforts.

“Hey bro, how’s it hanging?” I asked sadly.

“Limply. How’s yours?” he asked around the shower spray, wiping his long wet hair.


“Fuck, you didn’t get ANY tonight?” Ray asked, concerned. “Even the girls?”

He was talking about the hookers about the area. Some couldn’t afford me in money and most couldn’t or wouldn’t take me in deference to their clients and possibly a truly ruined pussy.

“I’m sorry Ray, really. But I couldn’t get anyone to do it. Honest. I even lowered the price just to bring in something.”

“Oh, okay Diane. I understand. Don’t worry,” Ray said and sighed, knowing he’d have to share his take with me and possible trouble with our pimp.

You’d think the world was coming to an end when Kevin heard about it later that night. I guess he either lost in gambling to the local mob or his drug bill was huge. Either way, he cursed, smashed some crappy furniture and threatened us, both me and my brother. I was shaking and practically in tears. Ray just gnashed his jaw hard. I saw him ball his fists, his muscled arms straining to hold back his rage. Muscles gained by fucking both skanks and slimey guy asses for the measly bucks he got.

“Just do it Ray,” I said calmly, wiping my eyes. I was just too tired of the crappy drama. Ray leapt as if shocked by electricity and beat Kevin to death. I’m sorry to report it so bluntly, but Kevin had taken so much from us; emotionally, spiritually and financially that it was the only way. I was appalled and also very PROUD of my brother as he crushed in Kevin’s face with his pounding, bloodied fists, dislocated the eyeballs and pretty much fucking up what was left of the body, tearing arms and legs from sockets and breaking any other bones he could through his insane rage. His vengeance was mine also. After about twenty minutes of the release of our combined anger, Ray calmed down from his inhuman tantrum, sighed, wiped his bloody body off on the ugly, stained bed spread.

I even kicked a few well placed groin shots for good measure, feeling my own peace finally.

After cleaning ourselves with a quick combo shower, we swept the place of our stuff and even got several thousand in rolled up bills from Kevin’s jean pockets. The fucking pig!

In the middle of the night we stole out with anything we could carry in our back packs and headed where we wanted to go, away from the crappy shit hole we called home. A distant train whistle called us. We didn’t know anything about riding the rails nor did we care. Any way that could get us out of that toilet was good enough for us.

Ray found an empty gondola car, jumped on easily and hauled my body up as the train gathered speed before leaving the yard. He knew train cars because he used to study his books about trains before the weirdness in the family got us into our current mess.

So we rode, slept, got rained on and met dust clouds. We pissed and shit in front of each other in that car until it slowed, days later. I had grabbed the extra rolls of toilet paper before we left. I felt so adult at doing that.

“It’s a siding. Quick Di, let’s get off and haul ass,” Ray shouted above the screeching brakes. I jumped and Ray followed. We ran across the flat scrubland until we couldn’t run anymore. We had no fucking idea where we were, but knew WE WERE FREE!

Laughingly, I stumbled and fell on my face, eating dirt. Ray stopped, huffing and puffing as he stood over me.

“We made it,” he gasped. I spit grit from my mouth and wiped my dirty face.

“Great. Where now?”

“Don’t know. Let’s follow that road,” he said, pointing to the black ribbon of asphalt in the distance as the sun began to set.

Two hours later we entered a small, dark town. Its name was Winsome, according to the lighted sign. Funny, huh? Well there are worse ones, I guess. Anyway, we entered the town and walked down the main street. Only one place seemed open. It was a diner called Ethel’s. “Thank God for that,” Ray murmured and we strode in. A bell tinkled as the door opened.

A plump woman came out from behind a swinging door and smiled at us though her knowing eye noticed our dirt stained faces. “What can I do you for?” she asked.

“Um, can we get like a burger?’ Ray asked.

“You want fries with that?”

“H-how much does that cost?” he stuttered.

The woman surveyed the two of us. “You’re not from around here are you?”

We looked at each other nervously. I know I gulped.

“Listen kids. You got three dollars? I’ll give you the fixens for that, including drinks. Okay? Now you two relax.”

With that, she disappeared behind the swinging door back into the kitchen. I looked over at Ray and arched an eyebrow.

“She seems nice to me. What do you think?’ he offered softly.

“I’m cool with it,” I whispered back and shrugged. “You got the money, right?”

“Shhh. Yeah, I got it,” he hissed back.

So we waited. What we didn’t’ know was that Ethel called her boyfriend, Deputy Vince Thomas, who within minutes waltzed in, ringing the bell behind us. Both of us turned. Blood drained from Ray’s face at seeing his uniform. I just swallowed nervously.

“Oh, hey. Haven’t seen you two here abouts. Passin’ through?” he asked jovially as he sat on a stool next to us. “Hey Ethel! How’s about a coffee?”

“Okay,” Ethel answered from the back.

“Just passin’ through sir,” Ray said casually. I gulped again and looked away.

“Yer girlfriend?” the young deputy asked Ray.

“Um, no, my sister.”

Silence followed thick enough to cut it with a knife. “You ain’t criminals, right?” the officer asked.

“No, we ain’t criminals. We just want to be left alone,” Ray said as his jaw tightened. I heard that tone before and didn’t want any trouble.

“Hey officer, guess where we’re from?” I said brightly, trying to break the tension.

Ray’s jaw relaxed and I thought was gonna have a heart attack as he eyed me in alarm. I knew I HAD to do something.

“Where’s that?” the deputy asked.

“We’re from Tulsa.”

“That’s a mighty distance. Why are you here?”

“We’re on our way to California to stay with our Aunt,” I lied.

“Uh huh,” the officer said. “So why ain’t you taking the train or the bus?”

“Cause we don’t have the money,” Ray offered, shifting his eyes back at the swinging door.

“Well, hitchin’ is a dangerous way to get out west,” the deputy offered.

I shrugged. “Haven’t had any problems yet,” I chirped and smiled sweetly.

“Uh huh. So what’s your names?”

“That’s Ray and I’m Diane.”

“You got a last name?”

“Woodbury,” Ray sighed out in impending defeat.

The woman came out with our meal. “Well, you two eat up. I’ll be seein’ ya,” the officer said, giving a knowing eye to the woman behind the counter. He stood and left.

The food was gone in a matter of minutes. We were starved. We cleaned up and tossed the napkins on the counter. I also noticed a lottery machine. We had some change left from paying for the food. I also had a secret stash of my own if I needed it. I pulled it a dollar from Ray’s fist.

“Could we buy a ticket?”

“Sure honey. You want specific numbers or a quick pick?”

I looked over at Ray and he shrugged. “Quick pick.”

She took the dollar and pushed a button. A yellow ticket came out and Edith handed the paper over. “Good luck” she said with a smile.

Outside Ray socked me in the shoulder. “Why did you buy that thing?”

“Dunno,” I shrugged. “A hunch?”

“Fuck, where are we gonna go?”

“I don’t know,” I whined.

“Oh shut up. Come on, there’s a motel up the road.” I looked down the road and saw the neon sign of the Motel Twelve. So we walked along the shoulder and I winced as every car sped past us.

Ray seemed so adult as he signed the register and paid with cash for the room. We walked along the row of numbered doors until we hit our room.

It looked and smelled clean. “Well, at least it isn’t a bugfest.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I get this one,” I shouted, jumping onto the bed closet to the bathroom.

“Bitch,” Ray growled and jumped onto his own bed.

“Well, we’re away from Kevin,” I sighed.

“Don’t ever mention that fuck’s name again Diane,” Ray growled. It was a tone I never heard from my brother before. I shuddered.

“O-Okay Ray.”

I heard him sigh loudly.



“Will you sleep with me tonight? I’m scared.”

“Um, sure. Guess we should clean up first.”

“Yeah. Come on, let’s get the shower going.”

We got off the beds and trudged into the bathroom. It was small yet clean, a lot cleaner than the shit hole we left.

Though the soap provided was small, we used it and a shared wash cloth to scrape the grime from our bodies.

With us cleaned and warm, we climbed into my bed, spooning together like we used to when we were kids. Ray’s body was super warm and felt so good against my cooler skin.

Fifteen minutes later, I turned, facing my brother. “Ray?” I breathed hotly into his face.

“Yeah?” he answered tiredly.

“Will you make real love with me?”

“What?!!” he said and propped his body up on his elbow.

“I want to feel loved. Truly loved. Not just a fuck.”

“Gosh, I never thought about it. Do you really want to do it?”

“Yes,” I stated emphatically.

“Wow. Okay, I guess. Do you want it like doggie or something?”

“What feels the best?”

“You’ve fucked before Di. You know.”

“I don’t Ray,” I said and teared up. “I’ve never had an orgasm before.”

“What?!? Like NEVER?”

I shook my head in embarrassment. “I never came before. Ever.”

“Holy shit Di. I mean, well, I guess we can do it if you really want to.”

“I do. And do you know why?” I asked as I leaned up and kissed his mouth softly.

Ray pulled back and shook his head. “It’s my birthday.”

My brother began to sob in front of me, burying his face into my modest chest. The pressures, the strains, the efforts for someone else had made him forget my birthday. I didn’t blame him, nor would I even mention it but for the best sex I had ever had from someone who truly loved me. My brother Ray.

“How do you know it’s your birthday?” Ray asked thickly about the mucus in his nose and mouth.

“The ticket silly. I read the date on the lottery ticket. It’s my birthday today.”

“Fuck,” Ray groaned. I shivered as I felt his prodigious staff nudge my belly urgently.

“Love me Ray. Love me like you want me,” I whispered into my almost fourteen year old brother. My twelve year old cooch was wet, VERY WET and wanting some serious satisfaction. Satisfaction it had been denied by every one of the slimy clients that had dipped their wicks into my young body.

This fuck was for me, dammit. It was for my sanity. I had heard the other girls on the street talk about who was a good fuck, who was lousy. I finally got what they were talking about. The good fucks got the girls off. The lousy guys were quick shots. Knowing the raves from the girls of my brother Ray, I knew I wanted to experience that. That thing, that primal urge to get a good cum from my flesh and blood. And I wanted to enjoy it WITH him. But make it special for me and me alone.

As I shifted and spread my legs, my eyes rolled back into my head as Ray mounted me, loved me and totally fucked me that one special night.

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